Audio Video Recordings

This page contains Audio Video Recordings of Council, Special Council, Committee of the Whole and Committee of Adjustment meetings.
These meetings will be listed by date and type. The recordings will be posted for a minimum of 30 days.
A link is provided to view each recording of meetings.
Date Type of Meeting Recording Link
 January 10, 2017  Committee of the Whole
 January 10, 2017  Committee of Adjustment
 January 17, 2017  Regular Council
 February 14, 2017  Committee of the Whole
 February 14, 2017  Committee of Adjustment
 February 21, 2017  Regular Council
 March 14, 2017  Committee of the Whole/Committee of Adjustment  Hardware issues - no audio/video taping
 March 21, 2017  Regular Council
 April 11, 2017  Committee of the Whole
 April 11, 2017  Committee of Adjustment
 April 18, 2017  Regular Council

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